Keeping Your Ride Smooth: The Affordable Way to Fix Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension

Keeping Your Ride Smooth: The Affordable Way to Fix Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension

Apr 3rd 2024

Hey, Jeep Grand Cherokee owners! We all adore our rides for their unmatched versatility – that perfect blend of luxury for the daily drive and ruggedness for those off-the-beaten-path adventures. Especially with those higher trims like the Summit and Overland, where the inside of our Jeeps are as comfy and techy as our living rooms. But, let's talk about something that's not as fun: air suspension issues.

When Technology Meets the Road

Air suspension is the secret behind that cloud-like ride, adjusting for bumps and dips so smoothly, you'd swear you're floating. This wizardry comes from a mix of airbags, compressors, and sensors all working together. Cool, right? But when it's time for repairs, the price can be jaw-dropping.

The Solution is Just Around the Corner

Fear not! There's no need to empty your savings account for repairs. Here at Rebuild Master Tech, we're all about keeping that ride smooth without the financial headache.

A Smarter Way to Replace Air Struts

Our remanufactured air struts come with a price tag under $300. Yep, you read that right. And we’re not cutting corners – every strut is rebuilt with precision right here in the US.

Compressor Troubles? We've Got You

Then there's the compressor – that piece that can start to fail from the usual wear and tear or overheating. Before you think about forking over $3,000 for a replacement, check out our rebuilt compressors. We’re talking about a complete overhaul here, including an aluminum piston upgrade and all new seals. It’s like getting a brand-new compressor at a fraction of the cost.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Running into issues with air lines or fittings? We’ve got all the repair kits you might need, packed with all the necessary parts to get you back on the road. And yes, we’re the pioneers of the Jeep elbow repair kit – a game-changer you might have caught on Motortrend TV.

Your Jeep, Your Adventure, Your Solution

We're here to keep your Jeep Grand Cherokee running smoothly without breaking the bank. From our remanufactured struts to our overhauled compressors, every product is designed to offer you a high-quality, affordable solution to air suspension repairs. And with our easy-to-follow kits, you can even take on some of these fixes from your garage.

So, before you shell out big bucks on air suspension repairs, give us a look. Your wallet (and your Jeep) will thank you.