True Cost of Hyundai Equus Suspension and Why RMT is Your Best Choice for Replacement Parts

True Cost of Hyundai Equus Suspension and Why RMT is Your Best Choice for Replacement Parts

Posted by RMT on Oct 11th 2023

The Hyundai Equus is undoubtedly a luxurious and comfortable vehicle, in no small part due to its advanced air suspension system. This technology provides an incredibly smooth, adaptive ride that changes based on road conditions and driver preferences. However, like all good things, air suspension systems aren't invincible. When it comes to repair or replacement, you might be in for a significant financial shock (no pun intended).

The Hefty Price Tag on New Struts

New air suspension struts for a Hyundai Equus can set you back upwards of $2000 for a single part— and that's not even counting the installation costs. The struts are crucial to maintaining the car's comfortable ride and stability, so when they go bad, it's not something you can ignore for long. This puts many owners in a tough spot, financially speaking.

The RMT Advantage: Affordable and Reliable

Here at Rebuild Master Tech, we offer a more cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Our remanufactured air struts are available for under $300 and are professionally rebuilt right here in the United States. It's worth noting that we've been pioneers in this space, being the first to offer rebuilt Hyundai Equus air struts since 2017.

Front Air Strut Pair

More Than Just Struts: The Suspension Compressor

Beyond the struts, the air suspension compressor can also become a point of failure. Overheating or general wear and tear of the piston within the compressor can result in a malfunctioning system. Again, RMT steps in to offer a groundbreaking solution. We were the first to rebuild the Hyundai Equus air suspension compressor, replacing nearly every component that could potentially fail. This includes the piston ring, all o-rings/seals, dryer silica, the piston itself (upgraded to an aluminum piston), and even the motor.

Air Suspension Compressor

The end product is so thoroughly revamped that it can almost be considered new!

Complete Lineup of Repair Kits

In case you're facing issues with air lines or fittings, we have you covered there too. RMT offers a complete lineup of air line repair kits, including fittings, lines, and straight union connectors, making it a one-stop-shop for all your Hyundai Equus air suspension needs.

The Bottom Line

Your Hyundai Equus deserves the best, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank for repairs. Choose RMT for affordable, high-quality, remanufactured air suspension replacement parts that are as good as new. And that's not all; we offer all this and more to ensure your Equus stays on the road in top condition.

All Suspension parts for Equus

For top-notch quality, unmatched affordability, and pioneering innovation in air suspension technology, make Rebuild Master Tech your first choice.